Elite Custom


Elite Custom Series combines Vibe Drum's excellence in craft production with the will to offer a professional yet affordable product.

The quality of the shells and the choice of selected components prepared by our staff is the key that makes the Elite Custom series a reference for the Vibe Drum sound.

If you are looking for an unique sounding instrument at incredible price you are looking for an Elite Custom Kit!



Our Strength is the complete customization both visually and sonically so we can create almost anything based on the customer desire!

You can check some of them here!

Elite Custom Price List

Listed prices are indicative and related to the following basic configurations, to request a custom quote including the discount click the link below.

Shells: Sound 0

Triple flanged chrome 2,3mm


Batter: Evans G1 Coated

Resonant:Evans Hazy 300


Vibe Moon Raw




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