Who we Are

Vibe Drum,

Set up in 2005 by Paolo Zuffi combining his passion for drums with his experience and skill as a craftsman.

Today it has become one of the best known businesses in the field of percussion instruments with entirely handmade production.

Among the many distinctive features of Vibe Drum is the choice of construction material: traditional wood has been put aside in favor of the more innovative solution of aluminum.

In fact this material has special sound characteristics perfect for percussion instruments such as a well-defined note and controlled harmonics.

Another great advantage of aluminum is the possibility to carry out detailed machining on the shell to produce relief patterns giving the drums a truly individual character even to the touch.

In addition, our choice of paints and finishes enhance the natural color of the aluminum and accentuate the attractive appearance of the machining to create a totally unique look.

Thanks to its reputation for absolute quality, with instruments finished to the highest standards expected of an Italian handcrafted product, the business has steadily grown achieving significant critical success and public recognition.

In fact, Vibe’s drumsets and snares have been seen at top level on the national stages (including the last Dalla/De Gregori Tour and every Lorenzo Jovanotti’s tour since 2011) as well as internationally (in the United States with the Dosage Tour by  Collective Soul in the expert hands of Johnny Rabb).

In addition to the Live activity our products are to being used in many recording studios of world renown such as Sphere Studios (whose clients include Queen, Duran Duran, Muse, etc.) and world famous producers such as Joe Barresi (Tool, Apocalyptica, Bad Religion, Soundgarden, etc).