Giuseppe Grondona

Giuseppe Grondona

I was born in Bari on August 8, 1979. I sat for the first time on the stool of a battery in six years. The battery amaranth my father, singer and guitarist, had assembled in the house to play with his band, was one of my favorite toys. Love at first sight that has quickly turned into a passion.

At thirteen, I take an important decision: I choose to devote myself completely to the music. Start to attend the Conservatory Niccolò Piccinni of Bari, where, after eight years to the day, I will graduate with honors. During this time I have the opportunity to fly to New York and perform as percussionist follow my master Luigi Morleo from New York University and at Kingsborough Community College. On these occasions, I'm lucky to play with Dinu Ghezzo, director of the Department of Composition at NYU. I perform well in Paris with the "gang" of Pino Minafra during the Fête de la Musique - Paris Street Music Festival.

In this period I am also significant my collaborations as a percussionist with some of the most important orchestras of Apulia, including the orchestra of the Teatro Petruzzelli and the orchestra of the Province of Bari.

Although in the classrooms of the academy did the masters of classical music and his orchestral instrument, I have never been away from the battery, continued to study on his own.

In twenty years', immediately after every my studies, I start immediately to devote myself body and soul to my passion, studying privately with Maurizio Dei Lazzaretti and Christian Micallef. Meanwhile, I start to make my way in the music circuit Bari and then in the Puglia. Porto forward, with my father, the project of Maurizio Grondona Group, exhibiting me throughout the region, and beyond, and making four albums.

It also plays with some of the great protagonists of 'hip hop, the Hi-Fi Paul Iannattone, Al Castellana and Corveleno. On the most important stages d 'Italy will get there with Torment (former lead singer of Sottotono), with whom I will work for more than two years in a stable manner. The most important stages around the country have been: the tour of "live CD" and participating in "Scalo 76" for RAI-2, the presentation of the album "My diary" at Rolling Stone in Milan, the Summer Festival of Lucca where I have the chance to use the same stage of Coolio, Santana, Simply Red, Eric Clapton and the opening concert of Pink at the Mazda Palace in Milan.

Many experiences that feed my desire to groped an experience abroad. Maybe in England. I decided to leave for London and knock on the doors of the most renowned school of battery of Europe, the Drumtech. Francis Seriau, Mick Morena, Darryn Farrugia and Paul Elliot will be my teacher for three months. After a brief period in Italy, Francis Seriau, director of Tech Music School, asked me to return to London as a lecturer, unexpected opportunity and indispensable.

Since 2006, the beginning of my experience in one of the capitals of the music, getting in touch and playing with internationally renowned artists such as Bosco De Olivera, Femi Temowo, Simon Carter, Darryn Ferrugia, Svetlana Vassileva. In 2007 Annabel Williams, singer, and Andrew McKinney, bassist, work with me to the recording of the last album of Maurizio Grondona Group "In My Hands".

In my experience in the UK within the participation in the Bass Day 2009 Manchester where John Wheatcroft on guitar accompany the performance of Andrew McKinney.

In the same year he will come instead signed to play in the band performing in the film "Nine," directed by Rob Marshall, based on the eponymous Broadway musical inspired in turn by Federico Fellini's masterpiece 8½.

In 2011 I realized a master alongside the legendary bassist TM Stevens.

In 2012 she performed with the musical project of the band Puglia Maurizio Grondona Group in Los Angeles in two prestigious musical events of international level. Only Italian performance that participates in atmospheric Rooftop Concert of the "Thursday Night Vibe" produced in collaboration with 94.7 The Wave Smooth Jazz Radio Station and run a showcase in Los Angeles Indie-Music / Film International Summit 2012.

Currently I am teaching at Tech Music School in the classes of undergraduate program BMus (Hons) Popular Music Performance.