Francesco La Rosa

Francesco La Rosa

Francesco La Rosa,


born in 1980 in Genoa, he began studying drums at the age of 12 years on his own.


In 2005 he joined the C.P.M. Milan to study with Maxx Furian, Roberto Gualdi and Roger Pazzaglia, after completing his studies at the "Accademia del Suono" in Milan, where he graduated in 2008 with a score of 10/10.


Since 1992 he has collaborated with numerous groups and artists of various genres ranging from metal to jazz through rock and progressive.


In 2004 he founded together with other artists from genova the Folk-noir group Ianva which produced 6 albums distributed by Audioglobe of which he was also sound engineer.


In 2009 he founded with Simona Aileen Pala vocals, Fabio Gremo on bass, Andrea Rinaldi on guitar and Elisa Montaldo on keyboards and synth the original cyber metal band THOUGHT MACHINE.


In May of 2009 he started working with Meganoidi during the tour of the album "Al posto del fuoco"


In 2011 consolidates its entry into the line-up with Meganoidi with the recording of "Welcome indisagio" released in 2012 with GreenFog.


In 2014 enters the lineup of EXTREME they recorded the EP "the real old school" soon out and with whom he performs with Iron Maiden, Opeth and Alter Bridge.



In July of 2014 he began a collaboration with M: Pire of Evil, the band formed by former members of Venom with which he played in some festivals abroad and in 2015 toured Europe with Obituary and tour in Russia in 2015.