Antonello Giorgi

Antonello Giorgi

Antonello Giorgi is a drummer since he was a kid, with the first "drums" made with his mom's detergent Boxes and  wooden spoons for the sauce as chopsticks.

On Epiphany he got an hi-hat and a snare and it seemed like a dream!

He founded with his friend Luca Carboni and other musicians of the district the band "Teobaldi Rock" that was part of the Bologna's underground that in the city cellars developed an incredible creative energy like the legenday band Skiantos. 

Thus begins the adventure in music with the first concerts and the first recordings.

After the first steps by himself, it comes the need to study properly, reading the pentagram and beginning to perform the basics of battery. 

He studied with two good private teachers that led him to fully express his soul Funk - Rock, then continue alone mastering his tecnique being inspired by the performances of the great drummer from overseas.

For several years it also plays percussion that a key component to complete their culture in the rhythm ... "percussions are the noble part of the rhythm ... and each instrument you play has its own history, important history!"

Drummer for Luca Carboni for almost 30 years and not planning to stop!

Since 2014 is Endorser Vibe Drum.