Alessandro Bissa

Alessandro Bissa

Alessandro Bissa born in 1978 in Asola (MN), began his musical career at the age of 8 in the town band as a trumpeter.

At age 14 he discovered rock and battery taking the first steps towards the world of drums, a band he founded with friends in the neighborhood who will lead the first recording of the group musicasetta SILENT VICTORY.


Since 1998 begins several collaborations with local groups and in particular with the group BUBBLES (tribute to Vasco Rossi) with whom he performed in about 60 concerts a year.


Since October 2006 he joined the group VISION DIVINE concluding the latest dates in support of the CD "The perfect machine."

In 2007 he joined the studio with producer Timo Tolkki for the recording of "25th hour".

Take part in promotional tours in CHINA (October 2007), South America (November 2007) and Europe

(Concerts and festivals in Italy / Spain / UK).

In 2009 records, always with the production of Timo Tolkki, the new CD "9 ° west of the moon".


In 2010 he was contacted by LABYRINTH for recordings of "Return to Heaven Denied pt.II" as a special guest all the tracks on the CD.

In the same year, together with the band, he performs with Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Ozzy Osbourne, Queensryche, Gamma Ray, Hammerfall and many others.

In February 2011 with the Labyrinth for a 40-day tour in Europe in support of SONATA ARCTICA: 29 dates in 12 different countries.


Between late 2011 and early 2012 recorded the new album Vision Divine (release scheduled for September 14, 2012 with earMUSIC).


Numerous collaborations in recent years as a special guest on the records of Mastercastle (the

phoenix in 2008, 2010 and last desire dangerous diamonds 2011), Athlantis (Metalmorphosis 2007), ANGELIZE (Self 2008).


He began his career teaching with Maestro Valerio Abeni.

In 2006 he graduated AMM and immediately becomes a teacher for places of Brescia and Milan.

After taking the qualification to the basic courses and advancing in the AMM, he was appointed coordinator of the section Rock / Metal and held for two years during the theme at the Milan headquarters.

In 2010 he opened his first music school in 2011 and is detached from AMM to found, together with

trusted colleagues ever, the European Music Academy which is responsible for the section of battery with Leonardo Rizzo.

In the same year he opened a second office of the school of music in Vallecamonica and officially collaborates with the EMA Tech Music School in London for which he was appointed assessor.